NAAA Political Action Committee

NAAA Political Action Committee Tops $20,000 Fundraising Goal
National Auto Auction Association PAC enhances its legislative advocacy efforts

NAAA PAC Raised $20KFREDERICK, Md.—Diamonds proved to be the National Auto Auction Association’s best friend when it came to helping the organization surpass its fundraising goal for its new Political Action Committee, NAAAPAC. A benefit raffle held at the NAAA annual conference earlier this month in Orlando, Fla., netted a total of $20,600 from members who gave $200 per chance to win the prize of a 1.33 karat stone.

Don Meadows, of Auto Auction Services Corp., had the winning number drawn by the two young daughters of NAAA President Paul Lips from one of the artisan stoneware crocks outgoing President Charlotte Pyle commissioned exclusively for the NAAA as unique gifts.

“It seems appropriate for Don to win because he has always been a loyal member and major supporter of our association,” said NAAA Chief Executive Officer Frank Hackett. “We appreciate his participation in this benfit event along with all the other members who made our initial fundraiser for NAAAPAC a great success by exceeding our $20,000 target.”

He added that individuals who wish to contribute up to $5,000 maximum allowed by law to the NAAAPAC may still do so, either by visiting the web site at or by contacting NAAA Legislative Manager Tricia Heon at 301-696-0400 or

“A well-funded PAC is a key component of our enhanced legislative advocacy efforts on federal issues of vital importance to our membership,” Hackett explained. “The PAC gives us greater visibility, access and influence in Washington.”

NAAA, which represents more than 300 member auctions in North America, formed its PAC last year as part of Pyle’s initiative to be more proactive in the political arena. “The association’s four chapters recognized the value of building relationships with elected leaders and policymakers who have a major impact on our industry and enthusiastically supported Charlotte’s goal by generously donating $10,000 each as start-up costs to establish a PAC,” noted Hackett.

In addition, NAAA joined in an unprecedented strategic partnership with the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA) to form a new advocacy team. Combined, they represent 1.3 million employees at 55,614 dealerships and auctions with a total annual sales of $682 billion.

“Working together in this strategic partnership, assisted by the professional lobbying firm of Federal Advocates and support of our NAAAPAC funds, gives us a powerful, united voice in our nation’s capital to protect the interests of our members and the industry,” said Lips. “Through ongoing cooperation and unity, we will continue to strengthen the bonds among us and build solid working relationships in our nation’s capital to the greater benefit and success of all.”

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