The NAAA Logo: A Symbol of Quality; a Mark of Excellence

Symbol of a Quality Auction LogoThe National Auto Auction Association logo has long served as a sign of assurance to customers by identifying an auction as a trustworthy place to conduct business. That’s why from the emblem’s first appearance on the cover of the NAAA Directory 45 years ago, we’ve encouraged our member auctions to proudly display the logo with the phrase “The Symbol of a Quality Auction” as a mark of excellence.

Everyone is familiar with the concept of a seal of approval or acceptance. Whether it’s Good Housekeeping, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., the American Dental Association or some other organization that requires products and services to meet their high standards before being awarded the group’s endorsement, consumers know to look for such certification and rely on it as a guarantee of dependability and value.

So why not show customers your auction has earned the remarketing industry’s stamp of approval by plainly displaying the NAAA logo and message? It lets them know you adhere to the best practices and high standards of the industry in your daily operations while championing ongoing training to enhance customer service and satisfaction. The symbol should be the first impression customers receive as they enter your business and the last image they glimpse when they leave on sale day as a reminder that NAAA quality auctions provide exemplary sales and services they can trust.

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